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Injuries can be devastating, scary, and painful.  It's upsetting if your injuries are due to an individual's intentional or negligent actions.  An attorney can advise you on the available legal options if your injuries are someone else fault. DC Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. However, before hiring an attorney, ask them the following questions. Here's a good read about Ashcraft & Gerel, check it out!


What are your Areas of Specialization? Personal injury lawyers handle several cases. However, many personalize in particular cases. Some have extensive experience in certain cases. Likewise   Find out how similar cases have ended, whether in settlement or a jury verdict. Look for references from past clients so that you can contact them and know their experience with the lawyer.  To gather more awesome ideas on personal injury lawyers in Washington DC, click here to get started.


What are your charges and are there additional Costs? Many personal injury lawyers do not bill clients before a settlement or verdict. Personal injury lawyers know that they must fund the case and use their own time without a guarantee of repayment for their services.  They usually have clients sign a contingency fee agreement. If you lose your case, you are not responsible for paying for the lawyer's services. 


Who Will Work on the Case? A DC personal injury law firm may present an idea to a client during an initial consultation but then work on the case differently. Ensure that you know who will be handling the case. Legal secretaries and court clerks may be delegated the caseload.  Ensure that you understand of who will be handling your case and that you agree to the arrangement. 


What Is Your Trial Experience? It is important that your lawyer can handle the case all the way to trial, if required. If a lawyer does not have a track record of going to trial, this may be a sign that the lawyer only wants to leverage cases for settlement. 


Will My Wishes Be Honored? It is crucial to know whether your lawyer will listen if you believe that a settlement figure is not satisfactory and if you decide to pursue your case in court. A personal injury lawyer should explain that you are in charge of your case and how it is handled. However, be sure that your counsel will still choose to continue to represent you if you decide to turn down a settlement.


It's important to contact a top personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after being injured. Washington DC personal injury lawyers handle the most tragic and overwhelming injury cases. Armed with facts of the laws and rulings, the attorneys petition these cases to pursue maximum compensation for clients and to avert recurrent negligent behavior.